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Color and Wall Covering Consultation


In need of paint colors for your interior and exterior and aren't sure where to start?  Did you make a trip to the paint store on to be overwhelmed by the 65 different white paint colors?  How about an overall color palette including direction with you soft goods and art?  Want to hop on the wallpaper bandwagon but aren't sure which pattern would work best?  Book a Color and Wall Covering Consultation to help with any color issues you may have.  


Most people know what colors they like and don’t like but are uncertain of the correct shade that is best for them.  Whether you know what color scheme you want or just need guidance choosing the right colors, we are here to help.  With our expertise in building color palettes, we will recommend the perfect color scheme that will set the tone for your decor.  Color has a major impact on mood, and we want to help you choose carefully to overcome any color anxiety you may have.

Wallpaper can add panache to any space.  However, the color, pattern, and most importantly - SCALE - can make or break an application.  We have experience adding drama, texture, and that designer Pop using wallpaper.  Take the fear out of the installation!


Contact Us to discuss your paint project with an Introductory Phone Call.  Color Consultations are up to two hours for $450.  We use Sherwin Williams colors.  When the consultation is complete, you will be left with a paint worksheet detailing the selected color names, numbers, and finishes for each room.  We always encourage you to purchase samples to test the colors in your home prior to painting. 

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