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DIY Support Services

Our DIY Support Services are great for individuals who are comfortable managing and implementing their own design projects.  They simply need a solid plan and/or occasional guidance from us.  DIY Support Services include Designer On Call,  In-Home Work Sessions, Color and Wall Covering Consultations, and Power Sessions.

Designer On Call

Why choose this?  It is the flexible and convinient way to decorate.  We understand there are clients out there who aren’t necessarily looking for a full service designer or even a design plan.  Some clients are very much in touch with their inner decorator, but find they need some occasional guidance or a second opinion before making a major purchase.  Maybe you have an ongoing project acting as your own contractor and need materials advice?  Will my selections make sense installed?  Perhaps you are redecorating your master bedroom and want to make sure the patterns and colors you have selected are going to flow? 


Our Designer On Call service is designed for individuals who need ongoing design advice on an as-needed basis - not necessarily all at once.  It is built for clients that desire more than a 2 hour In-Home Consultation but don’t need to retain us for a full service design project.  Maybe you enjoy sourcing and purchasing your own furnishings, but need a designer’s eye to make sure they all work together.  Designer On Call gives you the flexibility to tap into our knowledge and expertise.


Designer On Call is ideal for:

  • If you are purchasing furniture for your home and need a second opinion

  • If you are doing a remodeling project and need a second set of eyes to review the plans from your architect to ensure the space is being used well

  • If you need verification that the finish materials you have chosen for your project will work well and flow together

  • If you are acting as your own contractor and need help sourcing materials

  • If you need help sourcing antiques and art

  • If you need us to shop for a specific piece or design a custom piece of furniture

  • If you are getting ready to entertain guests and need an elegant and inviting tablescape put together

  • If you are building a home and need help with your design center appointment

  • If you are building a custom home and need a designer’s input at a pre-sheetrock walk-through

  • If you are drawn to something you saw in a magazine and need help locating and purchasing the items


How It Works

After purchasing a time block suitable for your needs, we will call to discuss your project in detail.  Your need can be immediate or for a later project, but please keep in mind that time blocks are good for up to 90 days.  Designer On Call time blocks can be purchased in 5, 10, 15, and 20 hour increments.  Once your purchase is verified, we credit your account with that number of hours.  Each time you request our services - anything from text messaging to a shopping day - we will deduct that time from your account.  Time deductions are made in increments of 10 minutes.  If after 90 days you have unused time, it will be expired.  There are no refunds.  Contact Us to purchase Time Blocks and get scheduled today!


Things to Note

There is no consultation included with the Designer On Call service.  You are responsible for providing us with all of the information and measurements needed to properly advise you on the project.  The fee is determined by the size time block purchased (5 hours for $1000 up to 20 hours for $4000).


This is NOT similar to a doctor on call.  We will respond to email, text messages, and phone calls during normal business hours (as time allows), Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, or we will return your call the next business day.  This is not intended to be an instant response service.  We need to schedule time in our calendar to focus on your project.  As much advance notice as possible is requested.  


We will not accept texted pictures of any kind.  We need an email sent with either a link or a picture of the item, including dimensions.  This is required so we can research all pertinent information before advising you further.  


Your Designer On Call time can be used for sessions in our office, but they must be scheduled in advance.  We cannot accommodate walk-in appointments.  Please be aware that Designer On Call is not like our typical design service, where we work with a list of qualified vendors and trades people.  We are, in most cases, providing our opinion based on our experience.  We will not be responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur.  Our design advice ends when you have no more time remaining, even if your project isn’t complete.  You are welcome to purchase additional blocks of time.  


We reserve the right to cancel the Designer On Call agreement if we feel it isn’t being used for its intended purpose.  Only then will your remaining balance be refunded to you.



In-Home Work Sessions

What are In-Home Work Sessions?


Our in-home work session is perfect for the DIY-er who enjoys doing their own purchasing and execution of their own design, but would like some professional guidance to get started.  This service is for the hands-on homeowner who only needs solid ideas and inspiration for their home but will do the work themselves. It is a great way to tap into the tricks and tips we have accumulated over the years.  This is your jump start to the home of your dreams by a well respected Austin design firm.


We meet in your home and get to work, addressing whatever needs you have during the timeframe you choose.  Our work sessions include anything from touring your home and verbally giving ideas about furniture placement, what to purchase (size, scale, color), choosing paint colors, ideas for staging your home for sale, or even getting on a laptop and identifying pieces for you to purchase through online and local retailers.


You can choose a 2 or 3 hour session ($400 or $600).  Contact Us to schedule.  Please note: no physical work happens during this session (moving furniture, rugs, hanging art, etc.).


Color and Wall Covering Consultations

In need of paint colors for your interior and exterior and aren't sure where to start?  Did you make a trip to the paint store on to be overwhelmed by the 65 different white paint colors?  How about an overall color palette including direction with you soft goods and art?  Want to hop on the wallpaper bandwagon but aren't sure which pattern would work best?  Book a Color and Wall Covering Consultation to help with any color issues you may have.  


Most people know what colors they like and don’t like but are uncertain of the correct shade that is best for them.  Whether you know what color scheme you want or just need guidance choosing the right colors, we are here to help.  With our expertise in building color palettes, we will recommend the perfect color scheme that will set the tone for your decor.  Color has a major impact on mood, and we want to help you choose carefully to overcome any color anxiety you may have.

Wallpaper can add panache to any space.  However, the color, pattern, and most importantly - SCALE - can make or break an application.  We have experience adding drama, texture, and that designer Pop using wallpaper.  Take the fear out of the installation!


Contact Us to discuss your paint project with an Introductory Phone Call.  Color and Wall Covering Consultations are up to two hours for $450.  We use Sherwin Williams colors.  When the consultation is complete, you will be left with a paint worksheet detailing the selected color names, numbers, and finishes for each room.  We always encourage you to purchase samples to test the colors in your home prior to painting. 


Power Sessions

Power Sessions are designed for clients who are ready to roll up their sleeves and implement their own design with guidance from us.  This service is best for clients that make decisions quickly and trust our experience.  


We meet in your home for 2 or 3 ($400 - $600) hour session and focus on making decisions that you can implement immediately.  Power Sessions can be used for any of the following needs:

  • A walk through of your home giving ideas and suggestions for furniture layout.

  • Online working session identifying key pieces to purchase.

  • Drafting room layouts on graph paper for visualization.

  • Provide a list of resources.

  • An action items list for what to implement first.

  • Budgeting for your project.

  • The best ways to use the budget you have


Please know design takes time.  We cannot completely design a home in 2-3 hours  This service is a great option to tackle a specific area by bouncing ideas around, get real guidance, strategies, and actionable steps, while preventing costly mistakes. Please Contact Us to schedule a Power Session today.

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