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About Us

Stacy Paulson Design + Build is an Austin-based company that has been transforming homes for over 20 years.  Owner Stacy Paulson is well-known for her eclectic eye and design vision, and is highly regarded for the vigilant, methodical drive that she and her team bring to all of their projects.


An organized project manager who is always attentive and understanding of her client’s needs, Stacy is also a creative visionary who blends new ideas with existing elements.  She is adept at tackling an entire home design and remodel as well as setting realistic expectations for costs and timelines, all the while maintaining as little impact to her client’s home lives as possible.


Always approachable with any thought or idea, Stacy maintains an ongoing communication with clients regarding the status of their individual projects.  She handles unplanned interruptions with the utmost professionalism.  All of this while having FUN!


Over the years, Stacy and her team have cultivated a great rapport and solid working relationships with numerous vendors and subcontractors who offer unparalleled professionalism and quality work in their respective fields.  While working with them,

she responds quickly to all unexpected changes and promptly communicates to the client including any revised costs, variations to the schedule, or changes to completion dates.


From start to finish, the SPD+B team delivers a design vision compatible with the client’s tastes and lifestyle.  The executed project is on-time, within budget, and lastly, is realized -- that dream kitchen, master bathroom reinvention, or even custom-made furniture for the living room. 

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