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"From start to finish, Stacy and her teams were a dream to work with.  She was extremely responsive throughout the process and transparent with estimates and billing.  We were impressed with the skilled subcontractors she brought on board who specialized in drywall, electric, structural engineering, plumbing, carpentry, etc.  Additionally, Stacy navigated the city's complex permit process to ensure all projects were completed per code requirements." - Alicia 

"I'm in love with the final product and the quality of the materials used.  I decided to go with Stacy because she was-

1. A woman contractor 
2. Cared about the quality of the products used and people on the project 
3. Asked to see my Pinterest board to understand my style 
4. Past experience working on units in my complex. 

Also she by far had the best customer service compared to the other two contractors I had reached out to." - Courtney


"She stays in close contact with progress and pictures- was the only PAINLESS construction I have ever had and I have been through total home renovations.  When project was complete, and before final payment, she made sure the condo was spotless and all details were exactly as I wanted.  I highly recommend this business." - Jean

"I absolutely love the update Stacy and her team did on our front office!  Everyone is very communicative and friendly, and I would recommend them to anyone." - Stephanie



"My team at More Space Place has worked with Stacy on multiple custom closet projects.  Stacy brings not only an excellent eye for design, but also top notch project management skills to each of her projects.  She stays on top of the details and executes projects (large and small) on time and on budget." - Joanna 


I am able to pick and choose who I want to work with and I chose Stacy and her company because she is knowledgeable, detail oriented, customer centric and does the job right, every time to the satisfaction of her clients." - Jay

"She does the research.  She is flexible.  I am a numbers guy.  Budget is always my highest priority.  Budget is MORE than a number.  There should be value.  Bang for the buck.  Stacy brought a unique, consistent high value and shared vision to our projects regardless of size.  Stacy was great.  Over the years she has built a skilled team of professionals across all the trades.  It is refreshing.  It builds confidence when the same craftsmen show up a 2nd and 3rd project and they enjoy their work. " - Stephen

"I especially liked that she would bring me options, sometimes 4 or 5 of them.  All of them would work, but she allowed me to choose the one I liked, thus making me feel like I had the artistic eye.  Stacy was also very good at communicating before, during and after the project.  I really liked that because I was not currently living in the house.  I felt like I could trust her and her contractors without question." - Lynn

"Her vast experience of what works and what doesn't saves time and money.  Always organized and methodical on the one hand, creative and visionary on the other hand.  She is the complete professional package.  She has turned a house into my family's home...!" - Catherine

"I had a general idea of the things I wanted to accomplish, but had no idea of the specifics, nor did I have the desire to attempt to do it all at once.  Stacy helped me crystalize the vision of what the end results could be for each room and for the whole condo, and then made me feel extremely comfortable in committing to tackling the entire project at once instead of in pieces." - Darron

"We have never been disappointed with her recommendations, her contractors and her professionalism from project start to project finish.  Stacy takes great effort to understand her clients needs, design sense and budget requirements." - Dave and Linda

"I consider the result to be a resounding success, primarily due to Stacy Paulson's end to end project management contribution.  Stacy was involved in all facets of the process, working closely with the architect, contractors, and the multiple vendors that participated, while providing detailed and accurate budget tracking and change order management. Stacy spent a significant amount of time in the early stages to understand my vision, goals, priorities, and tastes in order to effectively utilize my time in making key decisions.  Her overall advice, and ability to provide compelling visual examples and color schemes was invaluable in reaching a finished product that exceeded my expectations." - Thurman

"We did stack stone, granite, lighting, and textured wallpaper in my Downtown Austin condo and it looks amazing.  Plus, Stacy's just a good, friendly person and easy to communicate with." - Joe

"She is the consummate professional who can gracefully manage difficult projects from inception to completion.  Stacy and her staff provide excellent service and communication to their clients and I have happily referred many friends and clients to her over the years." - Tara

"She keeps in constant communication during the process and goes above and beyond to make the experience as painless as possible.  I've recommended her to several friends and all rave about the experience.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - Michelle

"Working with Stacy and her team made everything feel so easy and seamless.  The ideas she suggested I never would have thought of myself, or we wouldn't have pushed our spaces as far as they needed to be [pushed]."- Laura

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