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Styling Sessions

Our Styling Sessions are the perfect option for you if you have the key pieces but need that Designer touch for a photo worthy finish.  Styling Sessions can be a One Day Makeover or a Finishing Touches Session - up to 8 hours of shopping and/or styling on the same day. 


 Who are Styling Sessions good for?

  • Your busy schedule leaves no room for decorating and organizing your home or office

  • You are on a tight budget but still want a beautiful, pulled together space

  • You entertain regularly and wish your home was more inviting

  • You are planning a party or event soon

  • You have experienced a recent life change: downsizing, single again, marriage, new baby, blended family 

  • You are looking for the ideal gift for a newly wed couple, house warming, first apartment, etc

  • You are leasing and don’t want to spend a ton of money on property owned by someone else

  • You have clutter that is out of control

  • You own great furniture pieces but your home still doesn’t feel pulled together

  • You cringe at the thought of shopping on your own

  • You simply want a beautiful, inviting home


One Day Makeover

Now you can enjoy the space you have always dreamed of.  The One Day Makeover allows you to have the instant gratification of up to two room styled in one afternoon for one flat rate.


What’s included:

  • A 30-45 minute morning in-home consultation.

  • 4-6 hours of design time (includes a handyman for installations for 2 hours)

  • Room layout, accessorizing, and styling using your treasures

  • Hanging small, light weight pieces of art and mirrors

  • Room clean up for the big reveal of your new space

Contact Us to schedule a One Day Makeover today!  One Day Makeovers are up to 8 hours.  Service fee is $$$$.

Finishing Touches

We hear it often - homeowners have all the furniture pieces they need for their home, but the rooms still don’t feel pulled together.  The walls are bare.  There isn’t any color.  The space feels plain and boring.  My house need Pizzazz!  We translate that into "HELP!  I’m frustrated and overwhelmed!"  Even if you can choose the correct furniture pieces, the finishing touches can be the challenging part to pull off.  The sofa does’t have pillows.  The bookshelves are empty.  The tabletops are cluttered.  The walls are bare.  The windows are naked.


What if you could have a styling session with a designer to take care of the nagging issues - quickly and affordably?  We can do just that in one day!  Due to the nature of this service, we are limited to styling up to 2 rooms that are adjoining or close in proximity to each other.  We ask that you leave for the day and let us do our thing.  You come home to the big reveal!


Service includes:

  • The day starts early with a 30-45 minute consultation in your home.  We will assess the space and share our ideas of how we would style the area.  We will measure and take photos for reference while shopping.

  • We will head out to shop for 2-4 hours

  • We return to physically style the space

  • One hour of handyman time to hang art/mirrors is included

  • Items purchased will be billed in addition to the Service Fee.

Contact Us to schedule a Finishing Touches Session today!  Finishing Touches sessions are up to 8 hours.  Service Fee is $$$ and does not include purchases.

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